Dear JK Rowling

Dear JK Rowling,

above all I need to excuse for my English. My mother tongue is German.

I had this idea for my blog. You must know I read a lot and so I wanted to review books. Books I like actually because I’m not good at hurting people. So many writers amazed me and I felt the wish to tell them in a letter. Blogging this is due to the fact that I want to share my impression… Of course the main question for this project was who would be the first one. Well, I decided for you.

It had to be a someone who simply reached my heart and affected me strongly. I believe words can do this because you did with yours.

Harry this small boy with the awful family… I learned what pity means when I suffered exactly as he did.

Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, Quidditch, house elfes… It was a whole new world you created and I loved it. Everybody sometimes wishes he would be at a magical place like Hogwarts instead of his boring all-day life. You helped me escape from my thoughts tossing and turning. Where your treasure is there will be your heart also… No matter what happens I can always return to Hogwarts and Harry. This is exactly the feeling a great novel gives you.

My favourite character always was Hermione. I can not explain my affection towards her very well. Let me just state that she is really smart and cool, but also a girl wanting to look beautiful for a ball. She always stood by Harry which shows another quality of her: loyalty. I would want a friend like her if I had to fight against Voldemort like Harry. He would have died with out her!

Speaking of Voldemort… As you might guess his appearance disturbed the lovely setting in Hogwarts where I had felt so secure. Sometimes I wish you would not have created this dark side. Things would have been a lot more peaceful for our Harry. I want the best for him, but in fact a good story can not lack of the evil. Voldemort and the death eaters reminded me of Hitler and the Nazis. Both kill people because of their origin, which is nothing but cruel. They build up an atmosphere of terror. I am so frightened something like this could happen for real. You clearly pointed out the dangers. Making Hermione – a mud-blood – the most talented witch at Hogwarts is such a great statement against racism. Nobody should really believe in the death eaters ideology when they take a closer look at her.

In the Harry Potter books we learn that everybody can achieve everything regardless of where he comes from – a good message.

Before I close this letter I would like to tell you about a scene which touched me deeply.

In the end of part 7 during the battle of Hogwarts Voldemort offers Harry to let his friends go if Harry comes to him ready to die. And this boy – who was so victimized by fate and still kept his good heart, his courage- goes to sacrifice himself. I think he crosses his friend Neville telling him he would not give in to Voldemort when he is on his way to death. A goosebumps moment even after a long time not reading Harry Potter.

In my memory I had tears in my eyes when I first read it. This means quiet a lot as I usually do not cry over books. Dumbledore and Dobby… Their deaths honestly hurt me.

I want to thank you for writing Harry Potter. It simply changed my life. I will always be a fan who reads the books over and over. One thing I love the most about your work is your ending. 19 years later. All was well. I had to steal this sentence from you for my own roman. You should know that you inspired me for my writing too.

Which leaves me admitting I still compare other novels to yours and they always loose against your beautiful way of writing

Would please take the train more often?

Yours sincerely,

Laras Welt

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