My favourite authors

Today I want to publish a list of my favourite authors.

  • John Green. I really, really love „Looking for Alaska“. The separation into before and after is awesome. I also enjoyed reading „Will Grayson, Will Grayson“ and „The fault in our stars“. The latter is so great. It is an book about cancer, something I normally don’t read because it is to sad – and I devoured it.
  • Jennifer E. Smith. I devour her books as well. There’s no one who writes more beautiful love stories with some kind oft seriousness in it. „The statistic probability“ is such an amazing book. I love this flight-theme in it. It appears in my own on book as well. Her newest books deals with parting for college just as mine too. We seem to have similar inspiration and that makes her really likable.
  • David Levithan. „Naomi& Ely“, „Dash&Lilly“. The combo with Rachel Cohn is wonderful to read. „Everyday“ is the most impressing book I’ve ever, ever read. „Boy meets boy“ belongs to my favourite love stories and shows that homosexuality is very, very normal.
  • Sara Dessen. I always enjoy reading her books. She had to be on this list.
  • Colleen Hoover. Will and Layken are my favourite couple in a book. I really relished reading about them. I love poetry slams so I just  had to love it.
  • Last but not least. Jk Rowling. I think no explication is needed. Harry Potter is the series ever, ever.
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