„Hello, Goodbye and everything in between“ by Jennifer E Smith

Today I want to review „Hello, Goodbye and everything in between“ by Jennifer E Smith. You can already guess that I fell in love with this book.

It’s the story of Clare and Aidan, a perfect couple. Their last night before heading of to college is also their last night together. Aidan will go to the west coast while Clare has decided for an college at the east coast. The whole night is about breaking up or trying a long-distance relationship.

Jennifer E Smith has written the book I always wanted to read. Clare and Aidan are very much like the characters in my own (unpublished) novel. My story is also about going to college and the question if long-distance can work. My protagonist Lilly also makes lists and is the more sceptical partner in the relationship just like Clare. All this are my personal reasons to love this book. But I think anyone will like Clare and Aidan. This book is a little different. It deals with just one night but that’s the great thing about it. Sometimes big decisions have to be made in such a short time. Sometimes we are all worried about the future. Every girl going to college will understand Clare. Every boy will identify with Aidan. Jennifer E Smith writes beautifully and romantic. Her stories reach the heart of their readers. And this book is even better than her others.

All in all. Read it. Love it.

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